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Ithinka AI-Powered Cobot Solutions

We are Ithinka,so we specialize in designing and developing bespoke robotic systems that perfectly align with your company's needs. Thanks to the projects we have completed and the experience we have gained, especially in the manufacturing, logistics, mining, and energy sectors, we know the needs of these sectors and can offer cost-effective solutions. Our focus is on creating collaborative systems that prioritize the well-being of your workforce. With the use of collaborative and industrial robots, we lead digital transformation projects that drive innovation and efficiency. Our expertise lies in applications such as material handling, welding, quality control, machine feeding, and packaging. Working in collaboration with our talented image processing team, we create intelligent systems that pave the way for advanced automation.


We are experts, so Partner with Ithinka and unlock the potential of AI-powered cobot solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to transforming your business through advanced automation. Together, let's shape a future of productivity,safety,and efficiency.


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