So We Are


We are a technology company,working with the best since 2010,doing better than the previous one every second,recognizing day and night to reach and deliver the future.

Happiness is our motto! We want our team,our customers,and our business partners,wherever we are,to be happy.


Our playground is information technologies and IOT Engineering. From infrastructure to application level,from software to image processing,we are in a very wide field. We understand today's needs, find existing or potential problems immediately, and offer tomorrow's solutions with Ithinker experience.


So who is Ithinker?

Our Ithinkers are the amazing individuals on our team. Our experience and expertise are entirely their work. There is no technology they do not know or touch. They are the ones who created 'Ithinka quality',which is now recognized as an industry standard.

So vision?

To be a global company that leads technological transformation with innovative ideas and solutions,the most desired company to work for,spread over four continents.

So mission?

Guiding our customers on their digital transformation journey and providing them with the best experience with our services,products,and solutions.

So values?

Trust is our starting point. We always prioritize accuracy,reliability,and transparency. Under all circumstances,we prioritize establishing and maintaining long-term,lasting relationships with our employees,customers,and suppliers.


Adding value is our compass while doing our job. We give opportunity to innovative ideas wherever we are. We pave the way for idea owners by supporting them in every aspect,and we are pioneers and role models in this respect.


We endeavor to be the one-to-one equivalent of satisfaction. We attach great importance to creating a happy and peaceful climate in our company. We reflect this approach in our ecosystem and achieve our goals with our customers,suppliers,and employees.


We always keep our processes agile,lively,and flexible in order to be a profitable,continuously growing company that utilizes its potential in the sector by ensuring the satisfaction of our stakeholders.


We adopt creativity,different passions,polyphony,courtesy,and working in harmony,which constitute the essence of teamwork and cooperation.


We keep our innovative approach and high level of excitement constantly active in our work. We never say no to new adventures at every table,in every sector,at every pace. We are inspired by the "hero's journey",We always learn new things,gain victories with what we have learned,and start new adventures again,more ready and stronger.