Driver Tracking System

Ithinka Driver Tracking System

Ultime driving safety technology is right there in front of your eyes!

High Level Security:It alerts the driver who is sleeping with an auditory and visual warning when conditions like distraction and tiredness are likely to result in an accident.


Artificial Intelligence Assistance:Software with artificial intelligence assistance may identify various behaviors,including eating and drinking,smoking,and using a phone while driving,that can disrupt driver focus.


Real-Time Data Capture:Captures improper behavior in real-time. All data are reviewed retrospectively with user-friendly interfaces,and images of the driver's actions are shown.


Simple Integration:It is appropriate for data transmission via REST API or SOAP services. It is possible to integrate it by obtaining data from Frontend REST API services. It effortlessly synchronizes with all systems in use this manner.


Advanced Reporting:All data,including the driver,vehicle,and trip number,may be instantly documented.


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